Crysis 3 new ingame graphics pictures (Updated with gameplay videos)

Crytek leaked some in-game pictures of the upcoming Crysis 3, after the great success of the two precedent editions, the new Crysis will come with new gameplay experience and advanced visuals using the latest CryEngine 3.

With the role of the "Prophet" as he returns to New York city to discover that the city's been encased in a giant Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation, the game will be available on spring 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, noting that for PC platform, Crysis 3 will only support 64-bit OS for PC players, 
opening the doors to a new era of high demanding graphics and texture, while console version may not see a big difference compared with Crysis 2.

Now check out these pictures some of them are taken from a live gameplay of the game.

Armors :

Cover picture HD:
Cover picture

Update: hello again guys check out these new pictures, the visuals and lighting effect are wonderful, if you notice the name of these picture contain "PC" confirming a great DX11 and tessellation result, it's nice that the console capabilities is not pushing PC users with latest hardware back in time, enjoy this new update:

In addition to the pictures of Crysis 3, I want to update this article with a new gameplay video from E3 2012, the gameplay looks absolutely amazing and the graphics, explosion and textures are outstanding compared with precedent edition, note that this is an Xbox 360 demo version, you can imagine the PC version gameplay with the latest 28nm GTX 680 or HD 7970 :)

Update 24/07/12:
Attractive smoke and lighting effects squeezing the best out of the DirectX 11.1

Update 27/07/2012: Here is a new video from EA, it's a 19 minute interactive video of the Crysis 3 single player campaign.

Another new video update (12/08/2012) : this video show closely what visuals you will get from the PC version of Crysis 3:

Okay, again, another new video, this time it show live gameplay in multiplayer mode, check it out :Crysis 3 live gameplay Multiplayer mode video trailer

Update 11/09/2012:
Want to share with you some new High Resolution wallpapers about this wonderful game, over here.

Update 15/11/2012: New ingame HD pictures of Crysis 3 are available, can be set as wallpapers :D, nice graphics thougth:

We'll keep this article up to date with any new ingame pictures and videos.

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    Cant wait to buy this game :D

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    MAAAAN CryEngine 3 vs UE4 vs Fox Engine vs Virtual Reality vs Watch_Dog's Engine


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