Haswell-DT, H, MB and UL features leaked

Expreview leaked specifications table and a test rig of the next generation Intel Haswell and Broadwell Silicon Variants, using the new Intel modular architecture, with the dual core and quad core physical, powered with the GT1, GT2 or GT3 in 1M or 2M architecture.

The table show different variant for different markets, with the DT ( for Desktop) such as LGA 1155 processors socket, code-named Ivy Bridge-DT. E (for Extreme machines) high-end, this series is a high-end desktop processors, such as the Ivy Bridge-E (Core i7 Extreme Edition). MB (for Mobile) notebooks, such as the Ivy Bridge-MB with a lower TDP. ULT (for Ultra Low TDP products ) represents the ultra-low power consumption and the first one of the microprocessor is Haswell SoC-ULT. 

The new entry is the yet talked about on previous post, the BGA packaging, an integrated SoC for Mini-ITX machine with two or four physical cores, check out the tables bellow for more specifications and details.

Haswell and Broadwell Specifications:
Integrated Intel SoC Haswell in action with dual channel So-DIM RAM:

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