Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tegra 4 specifications leaked with six time faster GPU Vs Tegra 3

Currently they uses 12 shader cores on the current SoC Nvidia's Tegra 3, but the future will be six time more that number, with up to 72 shader cores inside the next Nvidia Tegra 4 SoC code named "Wayne", made using 28nm HPL process resulting of lower power consumption and a much more faster.

The information is leaked at chiphell, they report that the next generaion of Nvidia mobile chip will uses a quad core processor Cortex A15 in addition to 72 cores for the Geforce GPU, with that power devices using Tegra 4 will be able to play video at 1080p with 120Hz, and that's specially for 3D display, with full hardware encode-decode process for video resolution with a whooping 2560x1440 pixel, with 4K resolution capable, in addition to support of USB 3.0 speed, the Nvidia Tegra 4 will hit the store packed on a mobile device next year, may be on the second half.

Tegra 4 specifications :

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