Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 picture and size comparison

Here are the first leaked pictures of the most waited smartphone on the world these weeks, it's the Samsung Galaxy S4 dual-SIM version or i9502, the pictures are leaked on a Chinese website after the show happened yesterday on Hong Kong.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will look similar to the Galaxy S3 using the same design and layout but with a bigger display screen, so it's going bigger than expected, said to be 7.7mm thick and weighing 138 grams, the specification as motioned previously are, an Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset with quad cores running at 1.8Ghz ARM Cortex-A15 CPU interconnected with another quad core chip which is an ARM Cortex-A7 in addition to PowerVR SGX544MP3 for gaming and graphics, the main RAM is 2 GB, 16 GB of storage, for the display it's a nice 5" Super AMOLED display which run at 1080P resolution according to the source.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9502 Vs Galaxy S2 and i9000 size comparison:
You can clearly notice the difference between the new Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 its more close to a tablet than a traditional smartphone with that huge display.

Pictures gallery:

More picture from pcadvisor:

Galaxy S4 i9502 specificaitons snapshot

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