Windows 9 Launch date already fixed !

Time goes fast and things changes for Microsoft, forget that an OS lives for more than four years, thats what Microsoft want to say, after only two years or less, Microsoft is going to release Windows 9, still unconfirmed, but it seems that the big company is already planing for that, in November 2014 there will be something from Microsoft, and it will be called Windows Blue instead, and later this year there will be an update for Windows 8 and in January 2014 a release of the first Beta version of Windows "9" will be online for download, but if you remember Windows Longhorn scenario, it may come another similar one.

Here's Neowin on the topic:
According to Win8China, who have provided a number of Windows leaks in the past, Microsoft are likely preparing Windows 9 for a tentative November 2014 product launch, with a beta to be available in January 2014. Now of course this is just a rumor at this stage, however a release scheduled for late 2014 does fit with what we've heard in regards to a yearly OS update cycle for Windows. Windows Blue will be an upgrade to Windows 8 that will be launched this year, while a full version upgrade will come the following year, and naturally November is the perfect time ahead of the holiday season.
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