Final fantasy benchmark for PC, download page

Square Enix released a new Benchmarking tool to test performance of your computer and graphic card, Final fantasy benchmark V1.0.0.2 this build comes with some improvements and bugfixes over the first release of the tools, its free and ready start stressing your hardware.

Benchmark features:
The Screen Mode option has been added and includes the following settings:
  • Windowed
  • Full Screen
  • Borderless Windowed
    • When set to borderless windowed, the benchmark will be run using your desktop resolution.
    • When set to full screen, the mouse will be disabled while the benchmark is calculating your score.
  • If your computer is not running a compatible version of Direct X, an error message will be displayed when launching the benchmark.
Bug Fixes
The following issues have been addressed.

  • An issue wherein certain error messages were erroneously displayed.
  • An issue wherein the file FFXIV.cfg was created in the root directory where the benchmark client was installed. (If installed on the C drive, C:\)
  • An issue where clicking the start button multiple times would load multiple instances of the benchmark.
  • An issue wherein the DirectX version information was not correctly verified.

Download page

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