Xbox 720 will require always on Internet connection DRM

extremetech leaked some interesting details about the Microsoft's next generation console, Xbox 720, a rumors said that the next Xbox will require an always on Internet connection DRM system, in addition to installation of the game and after that an online activation will be required to play the game, and if this story will be confirmed on the final system, that mean no used game allowed from Microsoft, I know, we're hoping that this news is fake.

Xbox 360
We’ve written about the always-on Xbox rumor before, and if you’ve been paying attention to the recent SimCity controversy, you’d know that always-on DRM is rarely met with any kind of positivity from a user standpoint. Always-on DRM is thought to be Microsoft’s answer to curbing used game sales; if the console is always connected, it can verify whether a game is used or not. Ever the vigilant leak mill, VGleaks showed off some Xbox 720 development kit screenshots, and the hardware overview section stated that the console will feature a hard drive with enough storage capacity to hold a large number of games. On top of that, the overview stated that the console will not run games from the optical drive, which would make the optical drive basically an install-slave for games, and nothing more. If the games cannot be run from the optical drive, this is more support for the theory that the Xbox 720 won’t run used games.
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  1. My biggest frustration in the current state of the gaming industry is the use of constant DRM in single player games. I didn't buy diablo 3 for this reason. And I'll buy playstation instead of Xbox 720 unless this changes.

  2. yes its not you, we all hate this DRM system, imagine your self in a travel o_O


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