Download Windows 8.1 pack today !

Microsoft puts online upgrade tools to the Windows 8.1 OS, available for public download owners of Windows 8 for free, and 199$ for Pro version if you have an older Windows OS, Windows 8.1 bring the Start button back and cloud storage ready, Internet Explorer 11 and more.
Windows 8.1 gives you the familiar desktop with its taskbar and Start button, plus a beautiful new Start screen that you can customize with your favorite apps, people, and sites so that everything you love is just a tap or click away. 
You also get built-in cloud storage for anytime, anywhere access to your photos and files, beautiful full-screen browsing with Internet Explorer 11, plus an exclusive collection of built-in apps like Photos and Mail, with many more apps available from the Windows Store.
Download Windows 8.1 upgrade tools from here.

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