AutoCAD 2011 performance using NVIDIA Quadro

Nvidia reported that AutoCAD 2011 Designers Achieve Maximum Productivity With NVIDIA Quadro Certified Graphics:

AutoCAD 2011 brings powerful new features and visual styles to designers working with 2D plans or creating 3D models. These features, combined with a professional-class Quadro GPU, let designers dial up the complexity of their designs, visualize them in software and work out any issues before moving to “sticks and bricks,” thereby increasing productivity and eliminating waste. 
“Autodesk certifies and recommends NVIDIA Quadro for use with AutoCAD 2011,” said Guri Stark, Autodesk vice president, AutoCAD and Platform Products. “By upgrading to a Quadro, millions of AutoCAD users worldwide can take full advantage of the application’s newest 3D features, experience superior image quality, and realize true interactive performance.”
Designers running AutoCAD 2011 on Quadro professional GPUs can also realize significant performance increases. AutoCAD benchmarks show Quadro delivering:
  • Up to 6x higher performance in ‘3D Hidden’ visual style
  • Up to 3x faster interactive manipulation of models in ‘Conceptual’ visual style
  • Up to 2x gains in speed with the ‘Realistic’ and new ‘Shades of Gray’ visual styles
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