Intel Q67/Q65 chipsets details & Specifications

The next Intel 6 series chipsets generation details are out , releasing the Q67 and Q65 ,both support the new intel 32nm Sandy Bridge CPUs which come up in the Q1 2011 :

Q67 chipset Details and specifications:
The Q67 is the first on the list and it presents the Business stable generation of products. It supports LGA 1155 CPUs, has 14 USB 2.0. it has total of six SATA two of them are 6Gb/sec while the others are slower.
the Q67 features support for PCIe 8X, it also comes with PCI support and it can run two integrated displays. but the Q67 doesn’t support the 'performance tuning'
feature but some of the six series chipsets will , the chipset does support PAVP content protection as well as Intel RST 10

Q65 Details:
The Q65 looks very similar to the Q67 only change in the number of 6Gb SATA ports, only one SATA 6Gb/sec out of six, and its Intel RST 10 is AHCI HW / SW compliant. 
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