Core i5 680 and dualcore E5500 Specifications

Intel introduced two new dual-core processors, the high-end Core i5 680 witch use the LGA1156 chip that runs on Intel P55, H55, H57, Q55, Q57 chipsets, and the Pentium Dual-Core E5500 is an LGA775 chip that works on most recent LGA775 motherboards.

Intel Pentium E5500:
It has a front-side bus of 800MHz, 2MB of L2 cache memory, a clock speed of 2.80Ghz and two threads. This CPU is compatible with socket LGA 775 motherboards and will be aimed at the mainstream and users from the entry-level market, as they are unlikely to afford the higher price points of Intel Core CPUs, even though the extra power usually offsets the extra costs.

Core i5 680 :
Predictably designed for the LGA 1156 socket, it has 4 threads, 4MB L3 cache memory, integrated graphics and a thermal design power of 73W. Obviously, the clock is what makes this chip stand out, at 3.6GHz, which is higher than even that of the Core i5-670 (3.46GHz).

The Pentium E5500 is based on the 45nm manufacturing process, whereas the new Core i5 is constructed on the more advanced and energy efficient 32nm technology. They can be found with price tags of $75 and $294, respectively, and, the Core i5-680 at least, should also show up as an option on high-end desktop systems soon. 
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