How to fix freezing PC problem on windows xp/vista/7

I want to share the solution of this foolish problem with you so you can get rid of it from your computer , so if your windows xp ,windows vista or windows 7 keep stopping and freezing and your mouse and keyoard and all your system stop responding when you are in deep of working this may be your solution , you don't have to loose any thing just try this and follow these steps.

This problem is allmost from your hard disk - memory bus  and how it work DMA and PIO technologies ,

1- First of all install HDDtune and do an error scan see bellow:

if you have damaged sectors you have to do a full windows scandisk if not go to next step.

2- if the error scan is not fluide and keep freezing from time to time than you have to change your DMA / PIO options.

3- to change your DMA / PIO options restart your pc and when the system boot enter your computer bios (with del. button or F2 deppending on your PC).

4- when youre in the bios interface search for the SATA/IDE options (in standard cmos feature screen or main screen) see bellow:


5- Now you must find the DMA and PIO options , change these to the maximum value you find (something like UDMA6 and PIO4)

That's it now your system must work without freezing and your HDD will run in the optimal speed , please feel free to post a comment if you have a problem.
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