How to Voltage Overcklocking the GTX 480 & Benchmark results

The have an interesting review about how to overclock your Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 GPU by raising up the GPU Voltage using the AfterBurner tools.
so if you have this powerful card make it more powerful , its really safe to do it:

"Now as you guys probably know the default clock frequency for the GeForce GTX 480 is 700 MHz on the core, 1400 MHz on the shader domain and 3700 MHz on the memory. With an additional voltage we where able to push close to 850 MHz on the core and roughly 1700 MHz on the shader processor domain..

first Download AfterBurner

Before you start -- if using the standard air-cooled GTX 480 version, please make sure you have a properly ventilated chassis -- create cold air airflow as overclocking with a voltage tweak means increased GPU temperatures. Please know and understand what you are doing -- otherwise please stay away from overclocking whatsoever.
Please install install Kombustor as well. Kombustor (GPU stress test) comes optional in the install package of AfterBurner, it is based on Furmark and is tied into AfterBurner. Press the K button within AfterBurner, and the application will start completely pre-configured.
Step 1:
After proper driver installation please start-up AfterBurner.

Step 2:
Using the software increase the voltage on the GPU core to 1.125V. Don't worry, the card can perfectly handle this voltage and it remains quite save.

Now if you are NOT working with a custom cooled GTX 480 graphics card (liquid cooling) really, please increase the fan speed to 100% and yes, that will make a horrible noise, but that is not the point of this article.

With MSI's AfterBurner sitting next to it, you can gradually increase clock and memory frequency real-time and on the fly, while stressing the GPU harsh. 

Some people prefer other software, OCCT GPU stress, Running 3DMark or a game each time after a frequency change. Everybody has his/her own preferences. Just use an application that is hard on your graphics card. Yet for ease of use we recommend Furmark or Kombustor as it will get the GPU down on it's knees.
Step 3:
We are now ready to start overclocking. Slowly increase the Shader clock frequency until your card starts showing artefacts or crashes (with Kombustor activated !)."

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