IE 9 VS Firefox VS Chrome performance benchmark test

Microsoft has released its IE 9 preview #2 and its really fast as you will see here using the new HTML 5, Internet Explorer 9 perform way better than current versions of Mozilla firefox and google chrome.

Today’s release builds on the first Platform Preview, delivering improvements to IE9’s performance, support for standards, and hardware acceleration of HTML5.  We’ve also updated the test drive site with a new set of developer samples to show what developers can do with GPU-powered HTML5. As part of our commitment to enabling developers to use the Same Markup – the same HTML, CSS, and script – on the web, we have contributed many new tests to the W3C for HTML5, as well as CSS3 Media Queries and DOM. The Developer Tools in this preview include some new features to make finding and fixing markup issues easier.
Developers should expect much more from browsers in order to deliver the graphically rich, interactive applications that HTML5 will enable. In IE9, our goal is to provide professional-grade, modern HTML5 support on top of modern hardware through Windows. The IE9 Platform Preview and the samples at the test drive site show the significant performance gains that web pages enjoy when a browser takes full advantage of the PC’s hardware capabilities through the operating system."

Benchmark Test results in javascript:
The next IE9 is optimized for all display resolutions:
Large Display
Mobile display

IE9 performance test compared to firefox and chrome:
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