PES 2011 Gameplay details + video trailer

Konami unveiled some informations about the game play and change in the next Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2011.
From here is the important changes:

First thing ,the freedom of movement and ball control, especially concerning the direction and  passes /strikes force.
Jon Murphy, PES team leader at Konami Europe,  said that the game will benefit the most ambitious overhaul of the history of the PES series. 

- Improving the system of passes: "total freedom" on the passes, both in power in the trajectory. same thing for the shooting.
- A gauge Shoots & Endurance: In addition to the usual power gauge, indicator Shoots & Endurance specify the fitness level of the footballer. Sprints too frequently will affect player movement and a negative effect on his statistics with inaccurate passes and a loss of rhythm.

- New defensive AI: Defenders cover themselves spaces, including the wings opposite action if necessary. Players hold their position better and do more laundry in their area.
- Animation and dynamic players: Movements more fluid and natural with the addition of various individual styles either with or without the ball. Taking into account comments on the PES forums on the physical interaction between the players including several ways to tackle his opponent.

- The speed of play: Rhythm game will adapt to what is happening on the ground with players more movement in attack on cons-placed attacks. Possibility to define in advance the pace of play and the change in full game.

- Aesthetics: 1000 new animations have been fully re-created from more than 100 hours of motion capture with a reshuffle of all the movements of players, races feints through tackles and the various interactions. Effects of blur on replays.
- The tactical and strategic aspects: A new mechanism of "drag and drop" may be used in the management of team tactics for different compartments. Each parameter will be moderated to allow a better understanding of the changes.

- The technical moves: You can configure the right analog stick to record these actions preferred technical and out more easily match.
- The Master League mode online: Possibility to confront the world with players from teams established in the Master League mode.

This is the first trailer about the new gameplay the star lionel messi is in the video:
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