3DMark 2011 DirectX 11 details & date

Amsterdam: MSI introduced suddenly in Amsterdam, held in the Pre-Computex 2010 event in the European press, a few screenshots of Futuremark 3DMark 11 wich in development with support of the directx 11 . MSI's logo is displayed 3DMark 11's Undersea Submarine-game test and the test program will provide the entire version of MSI's graphics cards in this year's third quarter (Q3/2010). For further information or release date has not been told, but the Computex 2010 event, there will be material in advance of future long-awaited next-generation 3DMark.

Guru3d unveiled an exclusive press-kit from FutureMark regarding the up and coming 3DMark 11, a video on the DeepSea scene and some screenshots:

3D Mark 2011 HD video and more information over HERE

Some screenshots:

More information detailed on the web lately , check it out:
*New 3DMark 11 World Record with Quad SLI Geforce GTX 580
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