WRC Game PC/PS3/Xbox360 details/date

Finely an official WRC rally game on all platforms PC, PS3 and XBox 360 from black bean games and mile stone lets take a look at the feature of this game:

Leading  videogames  publisher,  Black  Bean Games, announced the first features of the official WRC videogame at the official WRC Season Launch in Paris. WRC is scheduled for release around the world  in  Autumn  2010  on PlayStation®3,  Xbox360®  videogame  and entertainment  system  from  Microsoft®  and  PC  formats.  It  is  currently  under
development at Milestone, Black Bean’s Milan-based in-house production studio, Which has specialised in the motorsports simulation genre since 1996. 

WRC Features:
•  The World of WRC. All  the official  locations, all  the  top cars, all  the  leading
teams, all  the best drivers and co-drivers. Everything  is designed  to give  the
player the sensation of taking part in the real championship as they compete
against their heroes.
•  Career  mode  creates  ultimate  satisfaction  when  the  player  wins  the
championship after a long and challenging road to the top of the sport!
•  XY offline game modes 
•  Unique online game modes on all platforms
•  13 different locations around the world
•  Realistic and accessible physics model
•  Advanced  car  tuning  that  allows  players  to  find  the  best  settings  for  every
single stage
•  Top end graphics for drivers, co-drivers, cars, tracks and environments
•  Visually  stunning  car  damage  effects  and  in-game management  system  to
repair damage
•  Real sound effects •  Full 3D cockpit and dashboards (including working wipers)
•  Trackside breakable objects
•  Much more to come… 
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