GTX 590 PCB ,components and specification leaked

Okey , here we are again slides outs to the web about the Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 Dual-GPU graphic card , spotted at extreme forum these two slides show the full card detached and a specifications table , the Geforce GTX 590 seems to have a dual vapor-chamber for the two GPUs and one cooling fan in the center , the PCB feature 12 layer and 2oz copper  , the two GPUs are interconnected through a dual PCIE 16x chipset , the GPUs are include 1024 CUDA processor and using 3Gof GDDR5 memory (512 CUDA and 1.5GB memory for each GPU) .

The card as described on the slide require 365W to run stable and dual 8-pin cable , card length is 11inches .


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