Catalyst 11.4a driver include more enhancements

Everyday a new driver from AMD ,what a mess , so AMD just leaked a new driver for the AMD Radeon products , it's an early preview version of its Catalyst 11.4a with more improvements and fix .

You can download the Catalyst 11.4a driver over HERE.
AMD Catalyst™ Driver 11.4 early Preview Features:

  • A number of performance optimizations, as highlighted here:

  • Performance enhancement for Shogun 2 (DX11 version) when running Anti-Aliasing

  • Enhancements to the AMD Catalyst Control Center™

  • New task based Display Management controls

  • Simplifies the configuration of displays and display settings

  • New Eyefinity setup group

  • Setting up an Eyefinity group has never been easier

  • New branding (based on system configuration)

  • AMD based platform – AMD VISION Engine Control Center

  • Discrete AMD GPU with Intel CPU – AMD Catalyst Control Center™

  • AMD Catalyst update notification (found within the Information Center)
    Please note this functionality is not yet enabled, but will be in a future AMD Catalyst release
    This feature will be used to notify users that new AMD Catalyst software packages are available

  • Includes fixes where Dragon Age 2 would hang in DirectX11 on ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series products.

  • Includes fixes where MediaEspresso 6.5 and 6.0 may crash while initializing

  • Includes a fix for game corruption issues in BulletStorm

  • Includes a fix for the AMD Catalyst Control Center install; resolves the issue of not being able to launch CCC after Catalyst has finished installing

  • Includes a fix for the Tessellation slider sometimes setting the incorrect value

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