WAVI Xtion officially announced at CeBIT 2011

ASUS revealed to the world at CeBIT 2011 its new motion-sensing technology system the WAVI Xtion targeting the PC users :
WAVI Xtion integrates motion-sensing technology from PrimeSense with the exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal user interface to bring consumers closer to technology through intuitive interaction with applications. Connections to both PCs and TVs via wireless HDMI(WHDI technology) deliver smooth transfers of high definition content such as movies, games and photos in 5GHz with a range of up to 25 meters. 

Speaking on cooperation with ASUS when developing WAVI Xtion motion-sensing technology, PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha said:
"Our collaboration with ASUS in providing a 3D sensing solution for WAVI Xtion proves to the industry that natural interaction technology is the ideal fit for living rooms, and that intuitive, gesture-based control will be the go-to route for operating all devices. We believe that PrimeSensesolutions like the user interface used on ASUS' WAVI Xtion represent the future of the way people interact with consumer electronics, and help break down barriersof use to allow people to sync with the electronic world around them." 

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