Best Online visitors counter with statistics for your blogger blog or website (Eaglestats)

A new web-statistics technology hits the web giving a new accurate statistics results for the Bloggers and websites owners which allow a better SEO and control  today I want to share with you a tutorial on how to install and add an easy accurate online visitors counter with statistics for your website or Blog.

Eaglestats online visitors history chart

World map online visitors is a new service and considered as the best widget, with an active widget and accurate results, most of other online visitors counters counts the online visitors for a period of time then kick them out, for example on whos amung kick off the visitors from the counter after 8 minutes even if the user stay on your website !! And that's bad for your website SEO statistics, leading to an inaccurate results, but eaglestats widget continue to check if the visitor is reading or viewing your website even if he stay forever.
Also we selected Eaglestats service because it combine online visitors counter and hit counter in one service in addition to a simple and easy installation without any subscription, and they are updating with more features.

And they just add a nice Google Map Geo location to monitor your Online visitors with full screen and details, funny huh :)

So if you own a blog or website and want to check in real-time the visitors with some easy steps, add the Eagelstats magic widget and get one like the one we has, now just follow these three easy steps:

  • First of all go to home page and get your JavaScript code which include your unique code as shown on the picture bellow.
  • You can chose the position of your widget and the color based on your website design.

  • For Blogger blogs owner: Just click on the "Add to Blogger" button bllow the code, login and chose the blog you want to add the widget then click the blue "Add Widget".
  • For Website owner: Copy that JS code, and go to your website's file manager and paste that code into every html or PHP pages on your website folder including the index of course, put the Eaglestats JS code just before the </body> tag.
  • For other platforms like Wordpress: just copy your JS code to the template page on your admin control panel.
  • That's all, now you can check in Real-Time your website visitors including statistics like popular pages now, and world map look-up.

If you have any problem installing the widget, just let me know an I will help.

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Best Online visitors counter with statistics for your blogger blog or website (Eaglestats) Best Online visitors counter with statistics for your blogger blog or website (Eaglestats) Reviewed by Mhr on 15:43 Rating: 5


  1. Mich15:02

    Cool I like this widget it bring a nice overview for your blog ! Thanks !

  2. You are welcome Mich, always the best deal here :)


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