Optimize and increase RAM on Galaxy S3 i9100 1GB, tips and solution

Hello again to this new tutorial that I decide to release, this one is about the Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 international smartphone, after I installed the latest Android 4.2.1 official ROM I noticed a strange high RAM usage by the system, even I have few application installed on the device, only 150MB is free from 822MB of RAM (the total RAM is 1GB, the rest of RAM is used for GPU and system core).

the low RAM resource on the Galaxy S3 caused some performance problem on my i9300 specially when I set a live wallpaper or heavy widgets, so to reduce the used memory and increase the free RAM just follow the steps bellow.

Based on my experience and research these tips will do the trick:
  • First thing disable the "ripple effect" on the lock screen from "Setting-> lock screen".
  • Go to "Setting-> Application manager-> running application" and disable any unneeded process or cached process.
  • Don't uses heavy bad coded live wallpaper or widgets, just use a simple live-walpaper or a normal wallpaper.
  • Turn off WiFi (and Bluetooth) when not in use.
  • go to settings -> sync and turn off syncing options, that will also increase battery life.
  • The last thing is to uses a small application called "Advanced task killer" from Google Play, this app will kill automatically any running application, chose carefully the application to kill.
  • Optional: And if all that doesn't make you happy and your nice quad core Galaxys S3 still lag, just install another launcher like the cool 3D Next Launcher available on play.
And by following the above advises, your used system memory on your Galaxy S3 will be reduced to about 400 to 500MB and thats a nice hit, no more lagging or slow performance, waiting for your responses on the comments :).

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