GTA V/5 game logo, official announcement

Who don't know the game that you can do anything in like stealing cars, shooting people, become rich, the game that you can make all your favors and dreams, yes it's GTA (Grand theft auto) series.

Today Rockstar change the rumors to an official news, and announce officially Grand theft auto GTA V or 5, with only a game logo at their website, Rockstar confirm the fifth episode and set a the first trailer to be shown November 02 this year, we guess that the release date will be at next summer in 2012, and it will feature new generation in term of graphics and in-game animation, as the precedent version GTA VI does, also current leading games like Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty MW3, the game will be available for PC, Xbox360, PS3 and we can say that there is a big probability that GTA V will be available for the next generation of Playstation portable, PSP Vita, if not it will be for sure with minor add.

So officially now there is nothing but a jpeg picture showing GTA V logo and next trailer date.

GTA V game logo

Take a look at this video:

No, thats not GTA V, its just a graphic mod add to GTA VI done by some fans, you can imagine how GTA V will looks :) 
We will post any news about GTA V when it leak, so stay tuned.
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