Intel X79 motherboard price ?

All motherboards gurus are waiting for the next X79 motherboards , but there is a bad news for your pocket , the Intel X79 chipset codenamed "Patsburg" will be 15eur more expansive than the X58 chipset .

This mean that the X79 motherboards that come with SATA 6.0 , PCI-Express 3.0 and use a 2011socket , will be 20$ more expansive compared to the X58 one ,reports softpedia :

Furthermore, the X79 PCH is about the same size as 6-series chipsets while it doesn't bring any new features compared to its LGA 1155 counterparts.
Together with the X79 PCH, Intel is also expected to launch three processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture, the fastest of which being the Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition.
The launch date of the LGA 2011 platform wasn't made public by Intel, but leaks suggest both the Sandy Bridge-E CPUs and the first X79 motherboards will arrive on November 14.
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