A10-5800 overclocked to 7.3Ghz

On air, nothing but air flows to cool down a successful over-clocking attempt of the new AMD A10-5800 APU up to a whooping 5.1Ghz clock speed, and 7.3Ghz using LN2, actually the A10-5800 is designed to be a solid over-clocked chip but it seems that it can goes beyond whats expected. 

The 7.3Ghz clock speed is done with two cores deactivated, but 5.1Ghz clock at air cooling is a good deal, and for regular users they can reach 4.2Ghz easily, the guy put the core voltage on a high value for a 32nm chip, 1.6V for 5.1Ghz and more than 1.9V for 7.3Ghz with 62X multiplier and 118Mhz FSB.

5.1Ghz CPU-Z validation.
7.3Ghz CPU-Z validation.

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