HWiNFO32 and 64bit 4.06 with new supports and fixes

A new version of the light weight computer hardware info tool is available for download, HWinfo is one of the best and recommended tool for diagnostics, getting your hardware details and more make it the best solution for many problems, check out whats new on this build.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASRock Z77, Z75, H77, B75, Q77, H71M and A75 series.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • Driver management tool removed from package. Functionality moved into Configure section.
  • History file removed from package. Available online in the News section.
  • Help file replaced with on-line help (forum).
  • Embedded all supplemental files (DAT, drivers) into the main EXE file.
  • Reduced package content to 2 files only (EXE, INI).
  • Added reporting of GPU VDDC for later AMD GPUs.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on Gigabyte F2A85 series.
  • Added preliminary support of Nuvoton NCT6791D sensor.
  • Added AMD Sun, Neptune, Ibiza, Cozumel, Kauai, Hainan, Curacao, Aruba, Richland Devastator/Scrapper, Thebe, Kryptos, Samara, Pennar.
  • Added reporting of SATA AHCI/RAID controller and per-port information under PCI host device.
  • Fixed reporting of current memory clock on AMD Trinity.
  • Enhanced reporting of current memory parameters for Haswell.
  • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASRock Z77 OC Formula.
  • Added support of Intel Wellsburg.
  • Added nVidia Quadro K2000, K2000D, K600, NVS 510, K5000, VGX K1, VGX K2.


HWinfo 32bit
HWInfo 64bit

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HWiNFO32 and 64bit 4.06 with new supports and fixes HWiNFO32 and 64bit 4.06 with new supports and fixes Reviewed by Mhr on 14:17 Rating: 5

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