Nvidia report: Over-voltage will result a dead GPU by the time

Nvidia seems to put policy restriction on over-voltage option for it's partners, that happened last week when Nvidia asked EVGA to stop immediately EVBot connector for over voltage option on Nvidia's products, and today they revealed that they will ask all partners to remove all forms of user voltage control and increasing the voltage beyond the specified limits is now prohibited because of the damage which will happen by the time to the silicon and transistors inside the GPU due to higher voltage than what they was built for.

 Nvidia said : "We love to see our chips run faster and we understand that our customers want to squeeze as much performance as possible out of their GPUs. However there is a physical limit to the amount of voltage that can be applied to a GPU before the silicon begins to degrade through electromigration."
Essentially, excessive voltages on transistors can over time "evaporate" the metal in a key spot destroying or degrading the performance of the chip."

And they add some simple policies:
1. We encourage users to go have fun with our GPUs. They are completely guaranteed and will perform great within the predefined limits.

2. We also recommend that our board partners don’t build in mechanisms that raise voltages beyond our max spec. We set it as high as possible within long term reliability limits."

So, ultimately, preventing overvolting allows NVIDIA enthusiasts to enjoy their product for its full lifetime rather than having it die suddenly.

But hey Nvidia, don't you know that enthusiasts who overvoltage thier graphic cards dont even keep their graphic card more than two years ? and what about if there is a solid cooling system there, huh.

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