Most inteligent and strongest robot, MacGyver like

Research team at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta are currently developing an advanced robot with special features not like traditional robots, the new robot is extremely solid for heavy shocks with ability to use any object in his environment to find a solution something like the 1980s television character MacGyver.

The US Navy already spent $900,000 for helping the project process, it seems that this will be a good deal for the US Navy and soldiers there.

“We want to understand the basic cognitive processes that allow humans to take advantage of arbitrary objects in their environments as tools,” says Stilman. “We will achieve this by designing algorithms for robots that make tasks that are impossible for a robot alone possible for a robot with tools.”
If successful, those algorithms will provide robots with capabilities like the 1980s television character MacGyver, who solved complex problems and escaped dangerous situations by using everyday objects and materials he found at hand. Stilman expects to build on his earlier work with robotic navigation among movable obstacles that enabled devices to recognize and move obstacles in the way of getting from one point to another.
“This project is challenging because there is a critical difference between moving objects out of the way and using objects to make a way,” says Stilman. The algorithms developed by the Georgia Tech team are expected to make it possible for a robot to identify an arbitrary object in a room, determine the object’s potential function, and turn that object into a simple machine that can be used to complete an action.
Check out the robot under some heavy tests:

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