Xbox One specifications, features and pictures released

After few months from the Sony events showing their next generation of home gaming console Playstation 3, here come the direct rival from Microsoft named Xbox One or Xbox O, no Xbox 720, no Xbox Next simply "One" with a simple green logo.

Today Microsoft introduced their next generation of Xbox console and they discrete it as an All in one machine.

Specifications of the entry Xbox One:
  • Generation: Eighth generation
  • OS: XboxOS, Windows custom kernel and a hypervisor
  • AMD based APU Processor 8 cœurs
  • 8 GB of DDR3 RAM
  •  HDD 500 GB
  •  Blu-ray
  •  2 HDMI ports
  •  2 USB 3.0 ports
  •  WiFi connection
  •  Pad with integrated battery
  •  Kinect camera with 1080p
  • Up to 4K resolution gaming supported!
And here is an official good new, Microsoft confirm that used games would require a fee to work, so you can install a game on the console HDD then play without any disk inside ! This mean a single game can be passed to multiple neighborhood gamers :), I really dont know how Microsoft see this as a good option!(source)

The new Xbox One support multitasking with an ultra fast tasks switching between games and video streaming for example proving the powerful and stability APU and software as they said, waiting for users feedback at the first few months, Microsoft will provide more info during the next E3 show on June 11th.

The console design seems classic, and the controller is slightly redesigned, some games also introduced including the next Forza MotorSport which will be available on launch, down there is a video showing some graphics quality of the game.

Slides of the Xbox One from Microsoft:

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