Install Windows 8 PRO on OEM ASUS S400/S500/Sx00 and by pass UEFI BIOS protection

This problem is a regular new issue on OEM products with Windows 8 OS, and considered as one of the most tough situation on Windows 8 Operating system to by pass the new UEFI security, I felt like someone is locking my freedom of software as everybody else.

It's been two days trying to re-install a new fresh Windows 8 Pro OS on my OEM ASUS netbook after the recovery partition was damaged and I always get errors when trying to recover and repair my Windows 8 using the recovery partition and I was locked by the UEFI protection on BIOS, until I found that there is just one solution if your problem similar to mine.

So if you are planing to upgrade your HDD to SSD, want to install a Windows 8 Pro edition instead of the OEM version, and you cant by pass the Windows 8 BIOS protection then this method will work for you.

Important: This method will install another copy of Windows 8, so you must provide a new Licence key or grab the on BIOS UEFI key using tools such as RW.

First of all you must know some new security features on the new Windows 8, the new OS from Microsoft use an UEFI 'Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) based Windows 8 key which encrypted and stored on the BIOS ROM, so forget the old school method of Windows installation on these OEM products, if you'll try to install another copy of Windows 8 your attempt will be rejected with invalid key error on Windows 8 installation except you already burned a recovery disk, the second thing you must know is that OEM notbook or laptops with embded Windows 8, comes with GPT partition types, no MBR technology available, and that mean you must remove all partions on your computer and create a new fresh MBR partition to install your new Windows 8.
Now lets move to the process steps.

What you need:

windows 8 installation steps:

  • first thing create an ISO image from your Windows 8 disk using your ISO software (ultraiso for example)
  • Then insert your USB flash disk and using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, select the Windows 8 ISO and begin windows 8 transfer to the USB flash disk.
  • Now this is the most imprtant step to by pass the regular key error on Windows 8 installation:
On your flash disk go to "sources" folder and create inside it a file named ei.cfg and using notepad open it and copy the bellow text inside:


Then save it.
  • Now your flash drive is ready with the new Windows 8 installation, plug it to the notebook/laptop, and start installation from there and it must display a new window showing different types of windows available, select one and continue.
  • Then you'll find that all partition on your local disk are GPT formated, you have no choices but delete all these partition and create a new MBR one, then hit install.
That's it now your new ASUS notebook or any OEM Windows 8 computer will install a new copy of Windows 8, if you have any problem please leave a comment.

If you can't boot to the USB drive please see this tutorial post.

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Install Windows 8 PRO on OEM ASUS S400/S500/Sx00 and by pass UEFI BIOS protection Install Windows 8 PRO on OEM ASUS S400/S500/Sx00 and by pass UEFI BIOS protection Reviewed by Mhr on 12:35 Rating: 5

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