Geforce GTX 770 Vs GIGABYTE GTX 770 Vs ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II Vs EVGA Benchmarks AIO Reviews

Hello again to this new All-in-One Review, today we're going to compare the a graphic card that belong to the new Nvidia's 700 series, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 770, a new high-performance graphic card for a reasonable price tag, performance differ from vendor to another so in addition to the Nvidia's one, we'll compare different vendors, here you'll find the ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC 2 GB, Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC and EVGA GTX770 SC edition ACX.

The Nvidia Geforce 700 series is based on the Kepler architecture same used on the 600 series, the GTX 770 was first released on May 30, 2013 powered with the GK104 GPU, the GPU is built on 28nm processing technology with 3,540M transistors on a small die size, bellow specifications list of the default GTX 770.
Base Clock (MHz)  : 1046
Boost Clock (MHz) : 1085
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) : 134

GTX 770 MEMORY SPECS:Memory Speed : 7.0 Gbps
Standard Memory Config : 2048 MB
Memory Interface : GDDR5
Memory Interface Width : 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) : 224.3 GB/sec

TDP: 230W
Minimum recommended PSU: 600Watt
Luanch Price : 390$

GK104 Micro Architecture preview:

GK104 Die snapshot:

Bellow a specifications comparison table between the GTX770, GTX 680, GTX 670 and the old GTX 570 Graphic cards.

 GTX 770GTX 680GTX 670GTX 570
Stream Processors153615361344480
Texture Units12812811260
Core Clock1046MHz1006MHz915MHz732MHz
Shader ClockN/AN/AN/A1464MHz
Boost Clock1085MHz1058MHz980MHzN/A
Memory Clock7GHz GDDR56GHz GDDR56GHz GDDR53.8GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width256-bit256-bit256-bit320-bit
FP641/24 FP321/24 FP321/24 FP321/8 FP32
Transistor Count3.5B3.5B3.5B3B
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 28nmTSMC 28nmTSMC 28nmTSMC 40nm
Launch Price$399$499$399$349

Benchmark comparison selection

Battlefield 3 comparison test:


3DMark 2013 benchmark score result:


EVGA GTX770 SC edition ACX

Crysis 3 DX11 benchmark comparison:
3DMark 2013 fire strike test:

 ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC 2 GB

Now lets move to the powerful ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II OC 2 GB, a factory overclocked graphica card that built with care from ASUS engineers.

Metro 2033 Benchmark test result:
Unigine Heaven 4.0 test result:

3DMark 2013 fire Strike Benchmark result:


Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC

Now the Gigabyte GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC, faster performance with high core clock from 1112Mhz to 1241Mhz avrage core clock speed.

Assassin’s Creed III benchmark:

DiRT Showdown test result:


FarCry 3 test comparison benchmark:

Pretty interesting results from this new Nvidia GPU for that price, basically its close to the previous GTX 680, a smell of re-brand with same GPU architecture, if you own a GTX 680 forget this new graphic card, but if you still on the 500 series, go ahead and upgrade to this product.

It's all about passing this year with a new product, even if re-branding the 600 series, same concept from the green company, if you are seeking new technologies to meet the next generation of games and consoles just wait the first 2014.

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Geforce GTX 770 Vs GIGABYTE GTX 770 Vs ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II Vs EVGA Benchmarks AIO Reviews Geforce GTX 770 Vs GIGABYTE GTX 770 Vs ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II Vs EVGA Benchmarks AIO Reviews Reviewed by Mhr on 18:30 Rating: 5


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