Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to install Windows 7 on Sony VAIO laptop with Windows 8 (Single Language problem)

On this new tutorial we're going to learn how to install Windows 7 64 or 32bit on your new Sony VAIO laptop which come with an Original embedded Windows 8 OS single language.

First thing first you need to do some modification on the BIOS to install Windows 7, on our tutorial we'll install Windows 7 from USB stick.

Note: This will remove your original Windows 8 recovery and installed windows, so if you are like my case need to install Windows 7 for Single Language problem or you hate that Windows 8, this is just for you.


  • Hard Shutdown your laptop by pressing power button for 5 seconds.
  • Then power it on and hit the red "Assist" button on the top.
  • Choose Start BIOS.
  • Now go to "Boot" menu and select "Legacy" as Boot Mode and Enable the External Device boot, check the snapshots bellow.

  • Then save changes and boot to the USB stick or DVD drive.
  • When you try to install Windows 7 on your new Sony VAIO laptop you'll face a GPT boot disk error, the only solution is to delete all partitions and create a new MBR partition, so delete all partitions and click next.
That's it Windows 7 will install smoothly, and you can install the display language you want.

Now you need to get your Sony VAIO laptop driver for Windows 7, get them from here.

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