DDR4 LP RAM specification leaked

The coming year LP-DDR4 memory chips specifications will be available and ready for production, some major details appeared on Xbit about the next generation of DDR computers memory, with double performance of the current DDR3 memory and down 50% of power consumption (only 1.1V), first specifications report an effective clock speed at 3.2Ghz (3200MB/s) they will hit mobile market first next year with the release of the Intel X9 series motherboards, the only problem now is the high production price of the chip due to limited production quantity.

At present JEDEC is discussing LPDDR4 standard that includes 3200Mb/s data rate (3.2GHz effective clock-speed), 350mVpp max signaling with configurable termination using low-voltage swing terminated logic as well as 1.1V voltage. In addition, data bus inversion has been added to improve signal integrity. Perhaps, one of the main changes of LPDDR4 over previous-generation standards is that LPDDR4 memory die will architecturally be two-channel x16 DRAM.  
"The challenge is how to achieve that energy reduction at 3200Mb/s, and the sub-committee had to look at architectural, signaling and voltage changes. […] The objective is to improve timing closure, as well as reducing internal DRAM die power,” said Hung Vuong, chairman of JEDEC's JC-42.6 subcommittee for low power memories, in a conversation with EETimes-India.

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