Friday, December 24, 2010

First DDR3 memory running at 2400MHz without heatsink from KINGMAX

KINGMAX unveils the first DDR3 memory on the market running @ 2400MHz without the need of a heasink to cool it down .

The KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming RAM is the unique and the only one DRAM module can be operated at 2400MHz without conventional heat sink. Instead of adding conventional heat sink, Nano Gaming RAM adopts the nano thermal dissipation technology(NTD Tech)to improve thermal performance by 10%. Its bandwidth can reach up to 19.2GB/sec under low voltage which means the performance will be more conspicuously improved in 3D shooting games that involve more rigorous requirements for speed.

Features of KINGMAX DDR3 2400MHz Nano Gaming Ram:
* Support Intel P55 Chipset
* Adopting Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology
* ASIC chip embedded for anti-counterfeiting purpose
* Lead-free production process
* TinyBGATM technology adopted: with advantages as compact size, well heat dissipation and low EM interference
* 100% product compatibility and stability
* High data transfer performance for overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers

Specification of KINGMAX DDR3 2400MHz Nano Gaming Ram:
* 240-pin DDR3 2200MHz
* CAS Latency: 10
* Bandwidth: 17.6GB/sec
* Voltage: 1.5~1.8v
* Capacity: 4GB (2GB*2)
* Worldwide lifetime warranty

Product picture:



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