MSI N580GTX and R6970 Lightning spoted

MSI is well known for its overclocked lighting edition , after the success of its N480GTX Lightning, today pictures appeared on the web sowing us the first images of the next high end lighting edition cards , the R6970 Lightning and N580GTX Lightning based on the AMD Radeon HD 6970 and Nvidia GTX 580 GPU respectively .

The two cards come up with a new cooling solution called Twin Frozr IIIand with a large PCBs compared to the standard PCBs .

The N580GTX Lightning require 16 phase PWM and overclockers can adjust the Voltage for the GPU, Memory and PLL via MSI’s Afterburner software , you can notice a switch on the back which is for sure a BIOS switch , and this is new feature in its series .

The R6970 Lightning is identical to the N580GTX Lightning, the only difference is the port layout including a pair of DVI-I ports and a 18 phase PWM required here as the N580GTX Lightning voltage control can be done via MSI’s Afterburner software and this one also has a BIOS switch.

The launch is expected to happen at CES.

MSI N580GTX and R6970 Lightning spoted MSI N580GTX and R6970 Lightning spoted Reviewed by Maherr Live on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Rating: 5