Next Xbox to use 28nm AMD Fusion II

Time pass and more rumors appears on the web about the next generation Microsoft gaming console , this time from tweaktown, the website report that the next Xbox will feature an AMD fusion II chip and using the 28nm technology:

It looks like the next-gen XBox will be based on technology from AMD based on production at Globalfoundaries on their 28nm 'high-k gate first' process. I'm personally looking forward to seeing the monster-leap in performance these consoles will produce.
Are we looking at 1080p at 60fps locked (or more) with 3D capable at the same frame rate? Considering a high powered GPU in a PC could do this and even more so when consoles are a set-spec machine where developers know that ALL users will have the same hardware which is a much more streamlined process and much better optimization can be done, with it being even easier.

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