First Silent Radeon HD 5450 by HIS /specifications

HIS unveils the HIS 5450 Silence 1GB (64bit) DDR3 PCIe x1 Eyefinity graphics card, offering the best features and functionality in their class with AMD Eyefinity technology. Powered by the Radeon 5400 GPU, HIS 5450. 

The HIS 5450 Series is designed to give you stunning high definition entertainment from your PC, no matter Blu-ray/HD DVD discs or other HD sources. Gamers will enjoy the ultimate immersive gaming experience with innovative "wrap around" multi-display capabilities. In addition, the HIS 5450 Silence 1GB is built as high-profile capable single-slot design with two low profile brackets included, making it possible to fit them in both full-height and half-height PCI Slots. 

Product Code H545H1GD1
EAN code 4895139004724
A heat diffusion Heatsink
GPU 5450
Core pulse moment 650 MHz
Memory Clock 1000 MHz
Memory 1024 MB
Memory Type DDR3
Memory Interface 64 bit
Interface PCI-Express x1
Box size 16.8X 23.5 cm X 4.8 cm (HxWxD)
Weight (with packing box) 0.34 kg

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