Operation Flashpoint Red River ingame graphics pictures and new features

Codemasters unveiled two new ingame show pictures of its tactical shooting game on its flickr page , Operation Flashpoint: Red River , the game will be available on PC , Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2011.

Sion Lenton (Creative Director) was asked about the new feature which will be available on Operation Flashpoint: Red River :

Q – What's it going to feel like aiming down the barrel?
A – Exciting! We really want players to have a feeling of exhilaration and tension when they're about to pull the trigger, so we've put a huge amount of work into the game to really improve this area. From a technical perspective, one of the key improvements has been implementing a separate field of view for our guns. This essentially allows us to adapt the appearance of the gun in aimed mode without affecting the global settings. The outcome of this is the ability to place guns and their scopes in a position that gives the player far more peripheral vision and situational awareness, something we know you've all asked for.
Q – How lethal is the combat in the game? Can you perform one shot kills?
A – We have completely stripped out our old damage system and replaced it with one that is far more consistent, visceral, and devastating. Enemies go down and stay down when shot. A weapon like a Barrett Sniper Rifle will always cause significant damage. Combat is now truly lethal!
Q – Have you made any improvements to the weapon animations?
A – We have a completely new animation system and a brand new set of animations to go with it. We have expanded on our experience from Dragon Rising to create a system that is built around a high quality behind the gun experience, everything from reloads, Jam clearing and incidental animations.
Q – Are there any audio improvements to the weapons?
A – Each weapon now has a very strong audio characteristic and they all sound unique with their own audio signatures. We have also created a system that ensures every shot fired sounds different. When combined with our "Distant Gunfire" tech, this creates a truly authentic audio experience for the player.
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