How to install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 i9100

Here is the first collection of available costume Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean OS ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 smartphones, these ROMs are based on CM10 Android 4.1.1 JRO03H using CM10 Kernel as system core, basically these ROMs are experimental and beta release I've just found on XDA, but it worth to give a try to the new Jelly Bean on your nice Galaxy S2. 

Note: if this is the first time to upgrade to a custom beta ROM AND you don't know what you are doing, go and learn more on custom ROM, rooting and Android stuff.
Warning: Rooting or installing custom ROM will void your smartphone future waranty with Samsung, and GuruHT is not responsible for any damage or problem after following this tutorial.

Android 4.1.1 CM10 screenshots:

Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean ROMs pack lot of additional features, check them out bellow: 
- Based on CM10 Android 4.1.1 JRO03H
- Aroma Installer 2.00 [Include in v.1.0]
- CM Kernel
- 4 Modems [Include in v.1.0]
- X-TremE Theme [Include in v.1.0]
- X-Lockscreen
- Apollo-DSPManager
- Default Music - Google Music - Walkman [Include in v.1.0]
- Google Apps include
- SuperSU
- Solid Explorer
- OI File Manager [Include in v.1.0]
- Apex - Atom-Nova-Trebuchet-Touchwiz UX Launcher [Include in v.1.0]
- Chrome - Dolphin HD - Firefox Beta - Opera [Include in v.1.0]

- And more..

Whats Not Working:
The ROMs bellow come with some issues like Networking, "Gallery not scan old pictures in SD Card".

Steps how to Install Android 4.1.1 JB:

To install any of these ROMs on your Galaxy S2 i9100 you need to :
  • Root your Galaxy S2 if it's not.
  • Install CWM recovery on your smartphone.
  • Chose and download a ROM.
  • Copy the zip file to your sdcard.
  • Go to recovery mode (check bellow if you don't know how).
  • Install the zip file from the menu (if you have any problem just wipe cache and  do a factory reset)
  • Go to install zip from sdcard and select the downloaded file.
  • Option*: (4. In AROMA use only CM10Kernel (I will updated Kernel if they can boot it))
  • Now don't restart your phone, go and Wipe Data and Cache, then restart your Galaxy S2.
  • Thant's it now your smartphone is using the latest Google Android 4.1.1.
how to put you Galaxy S II into Recovery Mode:
  1. Turn off your Galaxy S II phone.
  2. Hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons of your Galaxy S2 smartphone until the Samsung logo comes up.
  3. When you see the Samsung logo; quickly release the buttons for half a second and then hold them again.

Known ROM issues:
- [CM10 Bug] MTP connection not read some files/folders when connect to PC.
- [CM10 Bug] Gallery not scan old pictures in SD Card.
- Other CM10 Bug(s).

Google Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean ROMs Download links:

Credits goes to Kaffee4Eck (Thread)
Credits goes to Rushabh25 (Thread)
X-TremE CM10 Version 1.0 Exp.

Credits goes to KNTXTremE

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