Mozilla mobile OS nightly build ready for developers

About one year ago, Mozilla the leader on creating Internet browsers software, announced the start of a new project consisting of developing a new mobile OS, and today it come it its latest stages announcing the availability of the OS for developers ready to start developing B2G (Boot2Gecko) applications.

These builds provide an x86-compatible B2G runtime for testing the Gaia shell and applications that are built for the platform. It’s a useful tool for Gaia contributors and for third-party developers who want to start building applications that are compatible with B2G. The builds are available for download from the Mozilla FTP server.

Users will have to do a little bit of configuration in order to run the software. The process involves obtaining the latest Gaia code from the GitHub repository and generating a profile to use in the environment. The steps to follow are documented on the Gaia Hacking page of the Mozilla Wiki. After I set up a profile, I was able to get the latest B2G nightly build running with Gaia on Mac OS X.

The first smartphone with Mozilla OS will appear next year 2013, application menu snapshot of the OS is bellow with regular application such as Camera, music player, calendar, games etc.

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