ICS Android 4 on Galaxy S i9000 easy installation steps

The samsung Galaxy S i9000 is a great phone with a solid hardware make it one of the best mid-range smartphone, deserving installing the latest Google Android 4 ICS (Ice cream Sandwich) OS, Google Ice Cream Sandwich OS / ICS or Android 4, but until now there is not official ICS on the Galaxy S GT-i9000, no problem, at this how to tutorial we will guide you to install the standard edition of the latest Android 4 OS on your nice Galaxy S.

The steps are easy if you follow them carefully, First of all you must root your smartphone to get special access to all your i9000 potentials and install the new OS, to do so just follow our how to root the Galaxy S i9000 guide.

After rooting the smartphone, now download and extract the desired ICS RC 4.2 ROM for your Galaxy S model (i9000 or i9000B)
Note: Credits goes to this project.

Note that installing custom ROM or rooting your smartphone void any manufacturer warranty, and GuruHT is not responsible for any kind of hardware or software defect.

To install the new OS there are two methods, using Odin or using the Recovery Mode, we will begin the Odin one:
  •  Boot into download mode by shutting down your phone and press vol-down + center OK button and power the phone 
  • Once there, open Odin and connect the USB cable, (check if drivers are good).
  • Now using Odin select the ROM on the extracted folder using the PDA button.
  • Now click Start and wait.

Using the ROM Manager App:
  •  Put the compressed ROM file on you phone memory card.
  • Install Rom manager from Google play.
  • Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery and chose i9000
  • Now the Reboot into recovery
  • Chose install zip from SD card, select chose zip from SDcard and select the ROM file.
  • Thats it, wait until it finish.

If you face any problems, just leave a comment bellow.

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