Catalyst 12.4 Radeon driver WHQL HD 7000 improvements

AMD just release a new WHQL driver Catalyst 12.4 WHQL for it's latest AMD Radeon Graphics products, supporting the latest HD 7000 series including the new HD 7900M GPUs for mobile platform.

The new driver edition come with an enhanced visual quality for Radeon HD 7700, 7800 and Radeon HD 7900 line, improving LOD and texture filtering, in addition to a small performance improvement for the rest of products including the HD 6000 series, this driver is recommended for all supported Radeon products.

More improvements:
Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): Significant performance enhancements
- Supported on the AMD Radeon HD 7900, AMD Radeon HD 7800, AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series, and AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series
- MLAA now operates up to 80% faster than previous versions

Texture filtering quality improvements

- Supported on the AMD Radeon HD 7900, AMD Radeon HD 7800, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
- Improvements have been made to the texture filtering algorithm (for both DirectX9 and DirectX10/DirectX11 applications) to increase the quality of rendered textures, with no impact to performance

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

- Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: no longer hangs on single GPU configurations when used with AMD Catalyst 12.3 CAP1 and later CAP releases

- Elder Scolls: Skyrim: flickering square corruption is no longer observed.
- Rage: Vsync is no longer disabled after task switching.
- Enemy Territory: Quake Wars: no longer crashes when launched in High Performance Mode.
- Stalker - Call of Pripyat: flickering is no longer observed in trees with specific Catalyst Control Center settings.
- Tom Clancy HAWX 2: no longer crashes on game launch.
- Windows Media Center: no longer crashes when run in Eyefinity mode and High Performance mode settings.
- AMD Steady Video: an error message is no longer displayed when enabling AMD Steady Video for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 plugin.
- Duplicating displays no longer generates random corruption.
- Tearing is no longer observed on the third screen in 3x1 and 1x3 Eyefinity configurations.
- A system crash is no longer experienced when enabling Crossfire in a 4 display configuration.

Download the Radeon Catalyst 12.4 driver WHQL:

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