Firefox 12 with new enhancements

This is the latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox, Users with stable version 10 can directly upgrade to this version 12.0, also note that it is recommended to wait for the official release announcement if Firefox is running in a productive environment, or if you do not need to have access to the new feature set introduced in the browser right away.

Release high-lights:

The majority of features are only interesting for web developers and developers in general. Firefox 11 supports the CSS text-size-adjust property, and the outerHTML property. Developers can furthermore make use of the Style Editor for editing CSS, and the new Page Inspector 3D View which is available if the computer is compatible with WebGL.Firefox 11 furthermore supports the SPDY protocol for faster page loads, and XMLHttpRequest HTML parsing.The change log lists unresolved issues, among them some that have been noticed by some users in previous versions of the browser as well. This includes the slow scrolling in the Gmail window, or jerky scrolling and text input under certain conditions.It is not really necessary to update the browser right now, instead of waiting the three days before the official announcement is being made. It would be different if stability or security updates were included in the release.

Download Mozilla Firefox 12

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