Sapphire HD 7970 Toxic benchmark and specifications

Sapphire will soon release a top of the line video card featuring the latest AMD Tahiti HD 7970 GPU, the new card is the Sapphire HD 7970 Toxic.

So the Sapphire HD 7970 Toxic edition is powered with a "Tahiti" 28nm GPU from AMD and pack 6GB of GDDR 5 memory twelve chip on each side of the PCB with 7 GT/s data rate speed, 1150 MHz clock speed for the GPU core and 1500 MHz 6.00 GHz GDDR5 effective for the GDDR5 video memory, this graphic card feature a dual-BIOS option, with a failsafe BIOS, each preset got its own configuration and clock speed, the first one is set to 1000/1450 Mhz while the second one clocked to 1150/1500 Mhz (core clock/GDDR5 clock).

LEDs for each of the 8 vGPU phases, that gives you a real-time indication of their individual loading and can be seen from outside using a window on the cooling cover, for the power requirement, the card require 8-pin PCIe power connectors to draws needed power and run properly, for cooling system it use dual big 80 mm fans, heat pipes and vapor-chamber plate technology

OCLab managed to
overclocked the card with its included cooler, to 1300 MHz for the core and 1900 MHz memory, and put it through 3DMark 11. It scored P12463 points in performance preset.

3DMARK 2011 Benchmark result:

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