AMD new prices for APUs and FX series CPUs

After the release of the new Intel generation of CPU, I mean the third generation of Core ix code named Ivy Bridge and based on a new process technology down to 22nm, AMD the direct competitor of Intel is forced to do some action and cut the prices of its top line products, the FX series and A8, A6 and A4 APUs with up to 18.6% cuts starting from 27 April.

Bellow a table show the new prices and difference in percentage

Model Old New Dif
FX-8150 245 dollar 205 dollar 16,3 percent 
FX-8120 185 dollar 165 dollar 10,8 percent 
FX-6200 165 dollar 155 dollar 6,1 percent 
FX-6100 145 dollar 135 dollar 6,9 percent 
Model Old New Dif
A8-3870K 135 dollar 115 dollar 14,8 percent
A8-3850 135 dollar 105 dollar 22,2 percent
A8-3820 129 dollar 115 dollar 10,9 percent
A8-3800 129 dollar 105 dollar 18,6 percent
A6-3670K 115 dollar 100 dollar 13 percent
A6-3650 115 dollar 95 dollar 17,4 percent
A6-3600 109 dollar 95 dollar 12,8 percent
A6-3500 85 dollar 75 dollar 11,8 percent
A4-3400 71 dollar 59 dollar 16,9 percent
A4-3300 66 dollar 55 dollar 16,7 percent

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