Fake Apple Ipod earphone/earbud how to know it

Ouff, yet another Chinese cloning of the Apple Ipod earphone/earbud, and this time hat down for them, they make the exact same one from Apple even the cable got the same flexibility and touch, but there must be something to catch them down and we are here for that.

We've just received a couple of Apple Ipod earphones from a seller on Ebay and located at the UK, the price is around 11$ which is the same as the original one, at the first impression when I heard the sound quality I felt that there is something wrong with it even when I saw just the same material quality used as from Apple.

At the past I was able to figure out if the Apple earphone is fake or not by only touching the cable if its flex and smooth like the original, but this one is the same, after some investigation we found the difference and I want to show it for you.

Sound quality: a normal person that never used the original Apple Ipod earphone/earbud for a long time won't notify anything difference:
  • The first thing is the bass; the original one got a vibrated bass that you can feel inside your ears, but this one is not.
  • There is no room effect; On this fake earphone you wont hear any light room effect, something like a light echo on the background.
  • The biggest fail is; if you put a Techno song for example and put the volume to the max on your Ipod, you will get a very bad sound quality.

Ok, now for the visual differences, I can't find difference, but I spotted one that can help you, the holes on the earphones are oriented on a 45degree direction on this fake one, while the holes on the original Apple Ipod earphone are oriented to your ears direction, take look at the pictures if you didn't get it.

Other pictures:

The only good thing that we found on this earphone is strange attractive smell, yes that's right :)

Conclusion: if you're going to buy from ebay don't buy from an untrusted or seller even if its not from China or buy only from official Apple stores.

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