ECS A890GXM-A2 with first real PCI-E Gen.2 and USB 3.0

Today ECS unveiled its latest black series motherboard the ECS  A890GXM-A2 witch supports the latest six-core CPU with impressive price and features.

Totally Release Your Energy
By “One-step Unlocking” function in “ECS M.I.B. III” overclocking interface, users are able to unlock the hidden cores of CPU easily, and it reaches over 238% CPU performance boosted than default setting by unlocking cores with overclocking; moreover, it is also easy to reach 146% gaming performance boosted by overclocking GPU - ATI Radeon™ HD 4290 graphics processor’s core clock and SidePort memory speed; ECS A890GXM-A2 fully supports the latest AMD Turbo Core technology which is essential for power-desired users to get extra performance automatically.

ECS A890GXM-A2 is also the first motherboard provides a real PCI-E Gen.2 bandwidth SuperSpeed USB 3.0 controller enhanced by a world-leading IC manufacture in Taiwan, with this perfect solution, ECS A890GXM-A2 features attractive price in the performance segment.

Solid Products are made of Solid Features
  • “ECS Anti-crash Connector Covers” protect the rear I/O like video outputs perfectly against powder, dust even and static electricity;
  • Bundled “Norton Internet Security 2011” to protect system against virus and spyware; 
  • “ECS 15 ì Gold Contact” offers 3 times extra protection to secure the motherboard stability and durability;
  • ECS 4most™ Display Design” contains HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and D-Sub connectors on the rear panel at once; 
  • “ECS eBLU and ECS eDLU” applications provide the most convenient way to update BIOS and Drivers; 
  • “ECS eGS and ECS eSF” applications decrease power consumption and increase cooling efficiency;
  • “ECS eOC” overclocking utility offers an easy and safe way to overclocking under operation system; 
  • “ECS eJIFFY” utility speeds up boot time and allows users to surf the internet without virus attack;
  • “ECS Qooltech™ III” comes with twin-heatpipe design to enhance cooling efficiency for PWM; 
  • “ECS Easy Button and Easy Clear” offer an easy way to enjoy boosting system performance without hassle;
  • “All solid capacitors and lower RDS(on) MOSFET” improve durability and increase up to 50% efficiency and decrease the temperatures by 16%; 
  • “eSATA 6.0Gbps solution” provides 2 times faster speed in accessing external storage than eSATA;
ECS A890GXM-A2 with first real PCI-E Gen.2 and USB 3.0 ECS A890GXM-A2 with first real PCI-E Gen.2 and USB 3.0 Reviewed by Mhr on 15:07 Rating: 5

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