Patriot Torqx TRB SSD

Patriot Memory, today announced the immediate availability of the Torqx TRB series of solid-state-drives (SSDs). The Torqx TRB series of SSD offer improved system responsiveness with quicker boot times and shorter application loading times over traditional hard disk drive storage solutions.

Patriot's Torqx TRB series, available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, is designed around the latest generation controller from JMicron: JMF616. With a controller level cache of 64MB DDR2, the Torqx TRB series provide stutter-free performance and offer speeds of up to 260MB/s Read and up to 115MB/s Write. To maintain performance integrity over the life of the drive, the Torqx TRB series SSDs include native support for the TRIM command in Microsoft Windows® 7.

"As solid-state drive technology advances, we are able to develop SSD solutions that provide the performance users want while reaching the affordable price points they demand. Patriot's objective is to offer the latest technology while providing the best performance and price options," states Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering at Patriot. "Our Torqx TRB family of SSDs meet these goals. Users upgrading with a Torqx TRB SSD will benefit from improved transfer rates, quicker boot times and the reliability of solid-state storage in their boot drive option. Including a Torqx SSD in your desktop or notebook upgrade plans provides one of the best bang-for-the buck improvements you can make to your system."

Specifications and features:

Family Capacity Model # UPC Controller Read Speed Write Speed Warranty
Torqx TRB 64GB PT64GS25SSDR 0815530010715 Jmicron JM616 up to 260MB/s up to 115MB/s 3 Years
Torqx TRB 32GB PT32GS25SSDR 0815530010722 Jmicron JM616 up to 245MB/s up to 60MB/s 3 Years
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