First Wireless graphic card by Galaxy the GTX 460 WHDI Edition

This is the news of the day , Galaxy outs the GTX 460 WHDI Edition the World’s First Wireless Graphics Card Enabling PC-to-TV Connectivity , allowing you to stream video ,pictures and more using five antennas sticking off the back of the video card send the content out to the TV to a small black wireless receiver box that you connect to an input on your TV set , also The latency of the card promises to be less than one millisecond making it appropriate for gaming.

The card use WHDI technology from AMIMON as the platform for it’s new Galaxy GTX 460 WHDI Edition shipping in October. 

The Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 WHDI Edition provides an uncompressed wireless PC-to-TV connection enabling consumers to view the entire content of their PC screen on their big screen TV. AMIMON’s WHDI technology has no noticeable latency (less than one millisecond) making it an ideal solution for gaming. The no-latency link enables consumers to enjoy full interactive PC applications on their TV. Content such as Internet video, flash media, digital photos and PC games can all be viewed and experienced on the TV with a convenient wireless connection.
First Wireless graphic card by Galaxy the GTX 460 WHDI Edition First Wireless graphic card by Galaxy the GTX 460 WHDI Edition Reviewed by Mhr on 15:14 Rating: 5


  1. so therefore the new solution is ideally suitable for video games. WOW!!I love it

  2. Anonymous20:11

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