HIS RadeonTMHD 6850 & 6870 with HD3D stereoscopic

Today Hightech Information System (HIS) announced it new baby the  HIS RadeonTMHD 6850 & 6870 graphics cards.

Loaded with HD3D stereoscopic technology and three main pillars- Eyefinity, EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed, the new HIS Radeon HD 6850 & 6870 bring an incredible experience of application performance and flawless high-resolution imagery for fully immersive gameplay.
Whether it’s enthusiastic gamers hungry for the latest and coolest technology to win virtually at every game, or PC users who want a fast system for their multi-tasking, the new HIS RadeonTM HD 6850 & 6870 are without a doubt the best solution around. The HIS RadeonTM HD 6850 & 6870 not only offer incredible HD gaming performance on all the latest game and DirectX 11 support, but also makes multi-tasking easier with features like Eyefinity technology. So get ready as we bring our all-in-one technology - HD3D, Eyefinity, EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed- right into your home.

HD3D Stereoscopic Technology
HD3D technology transmits two separate images to each of your eyes at the same time at a resolution beyond 1080p. Supported with HD3D glasses, this technological innovation comes with Stereo 3D gaming, Blu-rayTM 3D, 3rd Party Stereo 3D middleware software and 6800 Series GPU support. The S3D glasses is the best synchronization between display and eyewear; it is easy to use and excellent in conveying brighter and better images. To meet the ever-increasing demand of hi-tech consumers, HD3D technology streams stunning visuals and offers an unrivaled audio experience with compatible displays - HDMI 1.4a Legacy 3D TVs, 3D projectors and 3D Monitors.
The Three PillarsGet amazing EyeDefinition graphics with DirectX 11 technology
An immersive experience that expands your game across multiple displays. Welcome to surround sight. Get amazing EyeDefinition graphics with DirectX 11 technology
Play the latest DirectX 11-capable games in true “EyeDefinition” with the AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 Series graphics. AMD’s second-generation DirectX 11-capable architecture enables ultra-realistic effects and lightning fast frame rates for the ultimate HD gaming experience.
Speed up applications and enjoy brilliant video with AMD EyeSpeed technology
Get fast applications and incredible video with AMD EyeSpeed technology. Get more from your system than just great gaming with AMD EyeSpeed visual acceleration technology. Experience enhanced application performance and incredible video quality online or with your favorite Blu-ray movie.
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